From time to time, we have praiseworthy goals in our lives that we are ready to make progress towards but may be looking for an extra push to launch us forward.  Sure, we’ve got friends, family members, or colleagues that may be able to support us in many ways… But, when it comes to meeting these types of personal goals, we might need a different kind of encouragement.

That’s where Not That Friend comes in.


You know that friend who’s content with hearing you give neverending excuses for why you’re not reaching your goals?

I’m not that friend.


You know that friend who provides extensive advice for various challenges you’re facing even though he or she knows that you’re not listening?

I’m not that friend.


You know that friend who’s your personal cheerleader and coaches you so that you can discover the strength that lies within?

Yeah… I’m not that friend.



Not That Friend is an accountability service provided for a fee to friends, acquaintances, and colleagues who are ready to stop making excuses, motivated to act on solid pieces of advice they’ve received, and have ALREADY found the strength that lies within.


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