This service is for professionals that would like accountability with incorporating rest and rejuvenation into their career planning.

1. Brainstorm a plan that can be executed within 6-24 months.

☑You know what your end goal is and what needs to happen in order to achieve it.

2. Create a realistic timeline for your plan.

☑You know when you want the goal to be met and have a realistic idea of how long each step will take.

3. Contact me (through this website).

☑Contact me to let me know that you have your plan and timeline ready!

You can share the contents of your plan with me if you would like (but this is not a requirement since our conversation should be brief). We then agree on a flexible or structured schedule as well as the best mode of communication for me to ask you 3-6 questions over the course of 6-24 months. We schedule 3-6 sessions (one question per session) for a one-time, upfront payment of $250.

During each session, I will ask you one specific question of your choice at the agreed-upon time and you will answer it.

Example scenario:

You send me an email to notify me that you have your plan and timeline. Your plan is to identify two activities that you can remove from your schedule so that you have more time to recharge at the end of the week. You have a timeline of 6 months to take some steps you think will move you forward.

Question 1 (2-month mark)
Me: Have you been able to review and prioritize your involvement in organizations?
You: Yes/No

Question 2 (4-month mark)
Me: Have you identified which activities take the most out of you?
You: Yes/No

Question 3 (6-month mark)
Me: Have you started having discussions about succession planning or delegating some of what you are in charge of?
You: Yes/No

Please note: I will not provide any feedback on your response. I will only ask if you want to change the next session’s question. I will make a change, if requested, and proceed to let you know when our next session is scheduled for.

Let’s begin!

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