(30 min – 1 hour sessions)

Because it’s worth it to invest in leadership and team development.
– Sophia Anyatonwu, MPH, CPH, CIC

My consultation sessions are specifically focused on helping leaders, teams, or organizations think through how to set themselves up for success when it comes to strengthening internal leadership capacity and setting realistic goals. Key topic areas include leadership development, transformational leadership, and technical assistance. Examples are provided below.

Leadership Development

Developing team leads/mentoring team leads into their roles

Developing team members/mentoring team members into their roles

Succession planning for organizational longevity

Transformational Leadership

Identifying needed change

Creating a vision to guide change

Executing change in a team environment

Technical Assistance

Assessing data needs for your organization or team

Product or service development for member, employee, or community engagement

Special projects and initiatives

Sophia Anyatonwu has experience serving communities and organizations as a public health practitioner, organizational leader, and epidemiologist. She has spent the past 10 years actively developing the skills needed to successfully plan, develop, implement, manage and evaluate small and large-scale projects or events. She also has a proven track record of high-level competence when it comes to collaborating with various groups and individuals in an interprofessional capacity to deliver programs, information, or services to organizations and communities.